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Turkish Paintball Championship - Leg 1 - 12-13 April



Hasan Kalyoncu University Paintball Camp

Highschool Paintball Camp - 8-9 February 2014

2014 Turkey Tournament Calendar announced






TPL 2013 1st Leg was held in Antalya



TPL 2012 Champions: Izmir Collision

TPL 2012 4th leg was held in Izmir on 6-7 October

TPL 2012 Ranking

TPL 2012 3rd Leg was held in Ankara on 15-16 September

TPL 2012 - 2nd Leg was held in Ankara on 16-17 June

TPL 2012 - First Leg was held in Kocaeli on 19-20 May

Izmir Collision wins Turkish Federation Cup 2012



TPL 2011 Champions: Altay Angelpark

TPL 2011 Ranking

Izmir Angelpark wins Millennium 2011 Division 2!

TPL 2011 4th Leg will be held in Ankara on 15-16 October

Altay Angelpark won the Turkish Paintball Cup in Sapanca

Legend won TPL 3rd Leg

TPL 3rd Leg will be held in Izmir on 25-26 June

Altay Angelpark won TPL 2nd leg

Altay Angelpark take second place at Millennium Bitburg

Altay Angelpark won the first leg of TPL 2011

Izmir Angelpark Won Division 2 Millennium Paris Longchamp

TPL 2011 Dates announced



2010 TPL Champions: PSX

PSX won TPL last leg

TPL Leg 4 will be held in Istanbul 30-31 Oct.

TPL 2010 Ranking

Noname Won the Federation Cup 2010

Federation Cup on 2-3 October in Ankara

PSX won the TPL 3rd Leg

TPL 3rd Leg will be held in Izmir on 4-5 Sept.

Altay Angelpark won the second Leg ot TPL

TPL 2nd Leg will be in Ankara on 12-13 June

PSX won the TPL 2010 1st leg in Inegol

2010 TPL 1st Leg will be held in İnegöl on 15-16 May 2010

Altay Angelpark won the Turkish Federation Cup 2010

2010 Turkish Federation Cup in Istanbul on 3-4 April 2010

Paintball Reffing Seminar on 12-14 March in Antalya

2010 Turkish Paintball League Dates announced




ISTANBUL NONAME takes Div3 Title at the final leg of the Millennium Series 2009 in Antalya.

ISTANBUL NONAME wins Millennium Sarsilmaz Cup Division 3.

Turkish Paintball League 2009 Champions: NONAME

Millennium Antalya Hotel Reservation Link

Millennium 5th Leg will be held in Antalya !!!

Noname won the fourth leg of TPL 2009

Current TPL 2009 Ranking

Noname won the third leg of TPL 2009

Joker Ankara won the 2009 Federation Cup

TPL 2009 3rd Leg will be completed in Ankara 11-13 September.

Turkish Federation Cup will be held in 11-13 September in Ankara

TPL 2009 3rd leg in Manisa 13-14 June

Noname takes 2nd place in Millennium Bitburg and 1st place overall


Noname won the second Leg of TPL 2009

TPL 2009 2nd Leg in Ankara 2-3 May 2009

Noname gets 3rd place at Millennium Malaga Div 3

Noname won the first Leg of TPL 2009

TPL 2009 1st Leg in Inegol 11-12 April 2009

PALM Series 1st Leg 3-5 March 2009 Kish Island (Iran)





TPL 4th leg in Izmir 22-23 November 2008

Current TPL Ranking 2008

TPL 3rd leg in Inegol 24-26 October 2008

CENTURIO 2008 Rankings

PSX 4th in Prague





CENTURIO 2008 - 6th Leg in Prague

CENTURIO 2008 - 5th Leg in Riga

PSX won Centurio Moscow Div2

CENTURIO 2008 - 4th Leg in Moscow

Inegol Cup on 27-29 June 2008

CENTURIO 2008 - 3rd Leg in Warsaw

CENTURIO 2008 - 2nd Leg in Lviv

Current TPL Ranking 2008

TPL 2008 2nd Leg in Ankara - 24-25 May 2008

PSX won Centurio Istanbul Div2

Istanbul Demons take 4th place in Centurio C5

TPL Izmir Results: 1. PSX 2. Noname 3. Joker

Oliver Lang Clinic in Ankara (31May - 1 June)

TPL 2008 First Leg in Izmir 29-30 March

Centurio 2008 First Leg in ISTANBUL (12-13 April)




Turkish Paintball League 2007 Champions: NONAME

Ataturk Memorial Cup was held on 9-11 November 2007

Current TPL 2007 Ranking

Paintball Izmir Cup was held on 8-9 September 2007

Paintball Duzce Cup was held on 28-29 July 2007

5 Turkish Teams participated the Centurio Event in Moscow

Paintball Istanbul Cup was held on 6-8 July 2007 at Akay Paintball in Kilyos

The Paintball Spring Cup was held on 1-3 June 2007 in Ankara

Terrible Turks finished 3rd in Div 2 at the Centurio in Athens

TPPL 1st Leg was held on 10 March 2007


2006 Rankings (TPPL, APM)

TPPL 4th Leg was held on 11 November 2006

APM 4th Leg was postponed

GO ITU! - ITU was 3rd at the Centurio Event in Greece.

APM 3rd Leg Results

TPPL 3rd Leg Results

APM 2006 - 2nd Leg results.

APM 2006 - 2nd Leg will be held on 22-23 July 2006

Millennium Series Paris - 7-9 July 2006

APM 2006 - The Anatolian Paintball Masters  started on 10 June

The 2nd leg of the TPPL was held on 28 May.

The results of the 1st leg of the TPPL.

The 1st Turkish Paintball League Started on 16 April.







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